Cybermagick Taxation Constructs

How to Connect to the Frequencies.

The cybermagick taxing system consists of five sections.

Section 1 - Introduction to Using The System
Section 2 - Primary Tax Paying Video
Section 3 - Secondary Tax Paying Videos
Section 4 - Tax Collection Videos

Section 1:

How to use the system.

Notation: Lucid Dreaming is easier to learn than people think.

Notation: The Psychopians are not affiliated with the Nazi party, and do not encourage, condone, or support racism, the Nazi party, or Elitism. More info can be found on our Documentation on the Psychopian Logo.

To use the system you must follow the following steps.

1. Read through this webpage to see if this is something you want to participate in. However before you start if you have not already done so please visit this link to see how TAXes work.

2. Print out a picture of the Lumin Yfel sigil. If you do not have a printer you may draw the symbol.

3. Possess a basic understanding of what Lumin Yfel is, and that Loki is a false name for a real deity who assists with this website, so you can tune into the sigil and tax collection process more easily. (Lumin Yfel is a eggregore, (external link) created for the purpose of serving as an entity and godform through which you can receive "taxes" of power from The Spiritual Government.)

4. Light a candle of the colour of your choice, and consecrate it to The Spiritual Government, Loki, and Lumin Yfel. (If you do not know a spell to do this just state out loud "I consecrate this candle to The Spiritual Government, Loki, and Lumin Yfel." You can also Click Here for the god_Games consecration instructions.)

5. Invoke Lumin Yfel into yourself. The particular method is not important as long as it works; this requires understanding what Lumin Yfel is, and can be done most easily through the Lumin Yfel invocational video.

NOTATION: It is strongly recommended that to use the Invocation of Lumin Yfel Cybermagick video you consider learning the Psychopian Training Techniques 1 - 3 from the Psychopian Training section of the site. This is not required, but most people will find learning these things makes the Invocation of Lumin Yfel cybermagick video strongerif they learn and apply the techniques from the Psychopian Training System. These techniques can be found by clicking here.

6. (Optional) Watch one of the videos in the second section for added power to the spell.

7. Offer incense on your altar with the candle on it, and consecrate that incense as a symbolic representation of your taxes.
(If you do not know a spell for this just state out loud "I consecrate this incense as the offering of my taxes, sacrificed to The Spiritual Government and [Insert Deities Here]." and visualize the incense as coins or as something symbolic related to what you are hoping to obtain and/or what you think represents your offering.)
When doing this offering you should consecrate the incense not only to The Spiritual Government, but also to Lumin Yfel, Loki, and any deities from any secondary taxation video you have watched if using a secondary video.

8. After watching the video(s) make a dedication prayer to Lumin Yfel and allow Lumin Yfel and the Spiritual Government to access your energy and help to create spiritual power to add to the system so that you can gain access to power gained from other people.

9. Perform some sort of activity related to magick. This can be anything from actual ritual magick, to practicing psychic ability, to tarot card reading, scrying, or accessing a crystal ball. This can also include research and reading, meditation, working with telekinetic energy. Anything which would benefit you. If you wish to pay and receive non-magickal related taxes, do something relative to who you are and what you care about changing on this earth, which is usually job related. Note: It is important this takes place at most 45 minutes after watching the video.

10. Make another prayer to Lumin Yfel, asking Him to take a copy of the magick, knowledge, and spiritual power, or any other tax-related offering you put into your experiment, and ask Lumin Yfel to remember you, and then ask for something. This can be understanding, knowledge, spiritual power, inspiration, improved skill in magick, &tc.

11. Let the candle continue burning until it burns down.

12. It is recommended you wrap the Lumin Yfel sigil in black silk when you are not using it, but this is not required.

Note: Our system has been advanced so that it can be used by persons who are not magicians. If you do not have an altar you may use any square or rectangular surface, preferably wooden, such as a desk, table, dresser, &tc. We recommend setting up a special object as an altar to use only for this purpose, but this is not required. Other than that if you follow the basic instructions you will be able to use our cyber-magick system without being an actual magician.

The following is the Lumin Yfel sigil you will need to have near the candle:

To print this symbol out, click the symbol with your mouse and simply print it from your computer. Click the back button on your browser to return to this page.

Notation: As stated, supporting things The Spiritual Government supports increases the benefits of the taxation system. The words used in our cyber-magick system is very literal. If a video's credits end with the words "Please support these music artists" and you do so by buying their CDs, or even taking time out of your schedule as a magician (if you are one) to cast taxed spells to support that music artist, recommend them to a friend, or find another way to support them then you will be blessed.

The same is true for people who focus on more than lyrics, such as words (such as the 18 primary patterns used in most videos) deities, symbols, etc used in the system. Different actions and determining factors can change how much the system blesses you as well as how. All of this is explained in depth in the Introduction section about taxes if you are interested in learning more.

Section 2:

Primary Taxation Video

Primary Lumin Yfel Invocation

This is the only video you have to actually use to work the god_Games taxation system (if any.) However to gain full use of it I recommend going through the Psychopian Training Program and gain mastery of the first three techniques.

Section 3:

Secondary Taxation Videos

Note: I cannot stress enough the importance of wearing headphones when watching these videos. The Spiritual Virus of Lumin Yfel is very much empowered by your capability to tune into the brainwave entrainment, and the form of brainwave entrainment used (bineral beats | Tri-Tone method) requires headphones or it has either no effect or a lesser effect. It is also strongly recommended you watch the videos in full screen mode if your computer is capable of doing so without skipping.

Notation: You may notice we some times use references to symbols affiliated with the "Illuminati" or the "New World Order" on our website. This is explained more clearly in the rules / introduction video, but if you have any objection to this I recommend you also read the following articles:
Illuminati and New World Order - Unfortunate Choice of Terms | By: Wes Penre (external link)
A Guide to Reality for Conspiracy Theorists

Invocation of "Loki 2.0" and Belial
This video is made with permission from Loki 2.0 and Belial.

Belial is known through most parts of the universe, including this galaxy as the most feared and strongest of the infernal deities. This is largely because of his application of "The Law of Revenge" which, when applied strategically instead of emotionally can be very beneficial to understand. Belial also specializes in karma manipulation for systems oriented around structures of action based on knowledge and systematic application and control such as governments, religious institutions, and social organizations, especially in regards to Law.

Loki 2.0 (usually simply called "Loki" on the website) is he who was not, for He was destroyed in a manner that was, at the time, believed to be forever. Yet He now is, having reached out in a manner others thought impossible to exist again in a new form, and will possibly be coming in the future on this earth. More detailed information can be found on "The Loki Contract." However in relation to this video the most important thing to understand is that Loki is a Master Tax Collector.

I strongly recommend using this video (or the Shama'el video below) as a general purpose video, and also using it combined with any of the other tax collection videos as it is designed to work with (and can even replace) the power of all the other secondary taxation videos. The combined power of Loki and Belial as well as the fact that their video connects all the other videos together makes this the most practical video to use.

Invocation of Shama'el and G.O.T.H.
This video is made with permission from Shama'el and The Church of G.O.T.H..

Shama'el is an angelic being whose magick is founded on principles of love with a secondary emphasis on healing. Of all His abilities, Shama'el is well known for His ability to use sound to invoke healing and love into others. Shama'el is not in any way related to Sama'el although their names are similar.

In this video we emphasis the energy of Shama'el through the empowering concepts of The Church of G.O.T.H. (Gods / Otherkin / Teachers / Heroes) using "Gothic" magick techniques to infernalize and empower Shama'el's energy for additional empowerment.

Because Shama'el's energy of love and healing is present inside of all of the audio of all videos which use the cybermagick system this video may also be used in combination with other videos, or to replace other videos if you prefer to combine any of them with angelic energy instead of infernal energy from the Belial and Loki 2.0 video.

Invocation of Thoth
This video is made with permission from Thoth.

(Thoth is good for Wisdom and acquiring magickal power in general, and is especially helpful when learning or creating new techniques .)

Invocation of Sri Ganesha
This video is made with permission from Sri Ganesha.

(Ganesha is considered one of seven primary forms of the ultimate expressions of God in Hinduism. Most commonly He is recognized for His ability to remove obstacles from one's life and life path. This video features a special new symbol associated with Ganesha which is The Banana. This is a new archetypial symbol which Ganesha has given me to allow me to bless others with its power.)

Invocation of Asmodeus and ADNI
This Video is made with permission from Asmoday/Asmodeus and power of ADNI, and now contains the power of The Blue Dragon and The Draconic Necromancy Team.

(Asmodeus is good for destructive magick, and is also helpful for specific forms of energy relative to the elements of fire and shadow, some of which can be acquired sexually. His teachings on war and psychological warfare, even if merely extracted through energy are quite ingenious)

Invocation of Paimon, Ba'el, and YHVH
This Video is made with permission from Paimon and Ba'el with power from YHVH.

(Paimon is attributed to infernal wisdom and understanding, and is good for developing new techniques. Ba'el teaches the art of war and "invisibility" literally meaning to hide things from others, and is particularlly helpful in learning illusion magick.)

Invocation of Moloch
This Video is made with permission from Moloch.

Moloch is an infernal deity who is originally Sumerian. The Moloch found in grimores took the name of the Sumerian deity as his identity which is a common thing to do on this earth. He is quite fun, and very helpful. Moloch is connected to a gate in the Eastern Hemisphere of the earth which influences many people there which has been recently reactivated after Moloch was freed from his enslavement.

This video focuses strongly on self empowerment and a more concrete interpretation of the video's patterns dedicated to that purpose.

Invocation of Ganesha, Asmodeus, and Loki 2.0
This Videos is made with permission from Ganesha, Asmodeus, and Loki 2.0.

The unlikely and unexpected group work of Asmodeus, Ganesha, and Loki creates a powerful mix of infernal, divine, and celestial energy. This video is strongly recommended for those who wish to be more in tune with the god_Games Project ambitions, as well as those who wish to achieve their own ambitions for earthly power.

Invocation of Ganesha, Asmodeus, and Belial
This Videos is made with permission from Ganesha, Asmodeus, and Belial.

Another unlikely trio continues as the quest for knowledge continues. We can only be fair to praise Ganesha for His mercy and wisdom in continuing to work with us in this manner, and for His faith in our purpose. This mix includes divine, holy, infernal, and celestial energy as well as taxes collected from more malovent darker sides of the force so to speak. Recommended for the same reasons as the video above.

Azra'el's Illumin-Awesome Infernal Mix
This video is made with permission from Azra'el.

Azra'el is also know as 'The Grim Reaper,' 'Santa Muerte,' or 'The Angel of Death' who works for 'The Most High' on the task of reincarnating 'dead' souls to their next incarnation. He is an angel of great and powerful love and has a presence of great dark 'gothic' beauty.

Strongly recommended for Xtians, Moon Mages, Satanists, Bohemians, Necromancers, and those who wish to be infused with "New School Gothic Magickal" power. This video is especially strong for young people or those who work with kids and are protective of children either through spirituality and magick or in their lives directly, but especially both.

Invocation of Satan 2.0
This video is made with permission from "Satan 2.0"

Satan 2.0 is the champion of justice, freedom, and liberation. He specializes in 'Darkside Lightworker' techniques. If you know the secret of Satan 2.0 found in this video, please refrain from dishonouring us by sharing it with anyone you cannot trust to keep it a secret. Ruining the god_ Games is not something The Spiritual Government will appreciate.

Invocation of Lucifer
This video is made from permission of Lucifer as found in grimores (KOS)
(This video does not use brainwave entrainment.)

This video allows the watcher to connect to various forms of Lucifer, and thus various forms of Luciferian magick, and empowers the watcher with magickal blessings of Luciferian nature. This video is not meant to declare "who" or "what" Lucifer is but to connect to various belief systems and forms of Lucifer and bless the watcher.
This video does not use Brain-wave Entrainment.

The Tom-Foolery Video
This video is devoted to no deity in particular and causes the watcher to learn mastery of the tarot card "The Fool" and create wisdom from this process.

This video does not use Brain-wave Entrainment.

More Information: Click Here

Loki's Cyber-magick video
Loki is a primary tax collecting deity who works with the "Shadow-kin" or "Loki's kids" who live on this world and are in charge of protecting/saving humanity from themselves.

This video does not use Brain-wave Entrainment.

Invocation of Yam-Yam, Ningishzida, and Sachi'el
Yam Yam is a mystery magick of Abracadabra (See Hebrew Translation) amoung other things and in this video all references to Satan connect to Ningishzida, (External blog link) who is a Pagan Sumerian deity. There is much learning to be gained from this video, especially if you share it with others. There are no harmful effects on this spell unless you are seriously abusing children or supporting tyranny.

Section 4:

TAX-Related Sections

Tax Collecting Videos and Spiritual Operations related to Tax-Collecting are now classified under "Spiritual Black Ops." Click the link to go there now.

If you are interested in working with videos used by Tax Collectors, visit our spiritual co-worker Hieronymous Gogh's blog here (external link.)

If you are interested in making your own cyber-magick videos you can visit our karma laundering section or The Mustafio Project Black Op for more information on this.

Taxes are "spent" on a variety of things, not all of which are discussed on the website. To learn more about our spending of taxes, feel free to check out the TAX Spending Page.

For additional documentation to increase the power of the taxation system click the "Magick / Info" Tab and select the second option or simply Click Here.

Final Notation:

The more people who use the system the more influence it has. This means if your friends participate in the system the amount of benefit the system can bring you is increased through them as well. This can be done by "Tax Collecting" or by just sharing one or more of these videos you are working with (whether or not you tell them what it does) or sending them this link.

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