Welcome to the god_Games Project!

This website is very unique and different from a lot of occult sites. On this site we offer many free spells, training programs, and interactive cyber-magick games.

It is our intention that all who participate are blessed by this process.

We do not have any membership dues. We don't even take donations. You don't even have to contact me and try to be my friend or join any secret society with funny hats to be able to use this system. Everything really is free to learn and be blessed by, and there is some pretty good stuff here to grab too!

Most of the magick found on this website is unique to our god_Games Project website and not taught or used elsewhere (unless learned from us.) The magick on this website is very powerful, and the benefits to be gained from using it are for some people very great.

I'm not saying that because I want your money, because I want you to join my religion, or because I want to use you in any way, because none of these things are part of this website. I literally have no reason or selfish motive to lie to you and say that there are some serious and amazing benefits to using this website.

Our intention with this website is to empower others with magick on the hope that some of them may take that empowerment and use it to bring about powerful and wonderful changes on this earth and make it a much better place. The philosophy of our website is explained here:

This is our mission statement for the website:

It's very important to understand that there are some spiritual laws in using this website. By using this website you are entering into a spiritual contract with The Spiritual Government in which you agreed to abide by the laws of use for this website. These are explained in the column to the left.

The website's contents change over time. Many things are added, sometimes permanently and sometimes temporarily over time, so games, training programs, and projects come and go.

Although some people see the site as appearing rather large and having a lot of content, in reality the site is not incredibly difficult to navigate.

On the left of the screen you can see the tabs. Each tab connects to a different part of the website. Some of these tabs have multiple links under them such as the "Magick / Info" Tab, The "Cyber-Magick" Tab, and the "Free Spells" Tab. With these tabs you will find most of our primary content. Some content fits into multiple categories, so sometimes you will find the same webpage inside a different tab.

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